Free Online Bill Pay

Paying bills has traditionally been a hassle, but with Bill Pay, you can stop writing checks and start paying bills securely online. Not only can this easy-to-use service save you time, it can also save you money on postage, envelopes and check printing.

  • Set up, edit, or delete bill payments quickly and easily
  • Set up "automatic" (reoccurring) payments once, and the bill will continue to pay until a change is made
  • Set up "manual" payments, and adjust payment amount or due date to coincide with bill each due date
  • Review history and create reports of all past bill payments
  • Receive e-mail notifications regarding your payments
  • Bill Pay Demo

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?
Simply go to the Deer Valley Credit Union website, click on the Online Banking Login icon, click on the Bill Pay link within the All Services tab and follow the step-by-step enrollment process.
What is a payee?
Payees are the businesses or individuals you pay through Bill Pay. You create a list of your own payees by using the Add a Payee feature. You can add payees such as utilities, department stores, credit card companies and other businesses. You can also add individual payees such as your daycare provider, your doctor or a relative.
Is there a limit to the number of bills I can pay with Bill Pay?
There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay. In fact, the more bills you pay, the more money you save on mailing costs.
What are the terms and conditions for Bill Pay?
(Terms and Conditions)

Note: Our payment policy excludes payments to government entities for the purpose of paying government taxes, property taxes, child support, fines, fees or other court appointed payments and payees outside the United States.