New and Used Vehicles as low as 3.74% APR
Motorcycles as low as 6.25% APR
Recreational Vehicles (RVs, Boats, etc) as low as 6.25% APR
First Mortgages (Fixed rate and ARM)

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Second Mortgages

2nd Mortgage Special Pricing

Home Equity Line of Credit as low as Prime + 1.5% - 6.00% APR
Visa Platinum as low as 12.99% APR
Line of Credit as low as 9.00% APR
Share Secured as low as 3.20% APR

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Smart tips for first time homebuyers

When purchasing your first home, it is important to know that the buying experience can be different for each individual. Here are 10 basics first time homebuyers really need to know.


10 Quick Tips on How to Get an Auto Loan

When it comes to buying a car, finding one that you love from the vast array of options is only part of the work. Searching out and securing the right car loan is an almost bigger task. Read more.


Dealership of the Month for April is Precision Fleet Services

Our partnership with Precision Fleet Services provides you with a special member incentive! Click here for details.

Precision Fleet Services